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Q: What is a franchise?

A:  A franchise is a legal agreement that gives an individual the right to market an all ready proven and successful business, using the company’s products/services in a particular geographical area.

Q: Is the franchise awarded to anyone?

A: No, not just anyone. There is a process we go through to be sure that you're the right fit for us and vice versa.

Q: Why not just have an online shop?

 A: Having retail premises opens your business to a wider audience, remember not everyone is internet savvy. People love to see the products they are spending their hard-earned money on. We are so much more than just a party shop, as well as our beautiful balloon designs, we offer more than what the internet can and that's a personal service. Having a physical store also makes the business more reputable and therefore trustworthy for customers.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Starting any business needs capital investment. Our franchise package is kept to a minimum, allowing you to invest in the fitting out of the shop (if needed) and buying your stock. We supply you with the basic tools so on the day of opening, you are ready to go. Franchise package is £9,800.00

Q: Do I need any experience in the retail or events planning industries?

A: Absolutely no experience is needed. 
We give you full training in all areas of running your own business, as well as how to make our fabulous balloons. 
There is a standard training package but everyone is different and we give as much or less training depending on the individual. Once you are trained, it does not stop there, there is continuous ongoing training & support.

Q: What can I expect to earn?

A: There is a financial illustration in the next steps that has more detailed information, but potential earnings are based on your dedication and hard work

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