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The Party Box Franchise



"As a passionate and motivated professional, I am constantly striving to improve The Party Box to make it successful for the whole team!
The business has grown and developed enormously since I took over it 9 years ago. Starting out as a small party retail store that made the occasional balloon display, to a bustling (much larger) shop in Bishop's Stortford that supplies countless outside events such as weddings, anniversaries, private parties and corporate events. Looking back, the business really is unrecognisable now compared to what it was almost 10 years ago.
We've worked all the hours possible, consistently improved and provided excellent customer service and made great connections with multiple customers, clients and businesses. Now, we are very much established within the hospitality an events industries around our local area and parts of London.
We want to continue growing by expanding our customer base and glowing reputation further across the UK.
We've had countless enquiries and requests for us to supply events up and down the country. Due to the nature of our work and of the balloons themselves, it just wouldn't be feasible for us to travel hundreds of miles to construct a balloon display, let alone the cost for the customer. Also, postage and courier services aren't really an option for obvious reasons.
The fact that our work has been recognised and appreciated so far and wide is incredible and we really want to reach these people and that's where our franchise journey comes in."



As we emerge from the global pandemic, people are taking celebrations to the next level!

The past few years have been tough for a lot of businesses and when lockdown hit, we had to look at how we would survive. We revamped our whole website, made it more user friendly and added lots more products.

As Covid restrictions changed, people still wanted to celebrate special occasions within their households. So we began supplying birthdays, gender reveals, anniversaries, hen parties and more, making us exceptionally busy and therefore, keeping the business afloat.

If we can survive the last few years and continue to grow, then that strengthens our status as an established business. 

We are more than just a retail shop and this is the narrative we have always pushed. We give our customers that personal touch with our services and they know they can rely on us.

Balloons add a finishing touch to any kind of event or celebration and that's how our client base is so diverse.

We find that having the retail shop gives our customers confidence because they know they can come in or call and speak to real people who care about their needs. It also gives the business a strong foundation of being reputable which enables us to work with a wide range of clients.

Whilst the likes of Amazon are convenient, we've found that the majority of the general public still crave that personal, local and quality service that you get from the high street. They like to come into a shop to discuss their requirements and feel like they are being listened to and will get a quality product at the end of it, along with the right advice.

Bubble and confetti balloons are massively popular, as are the bigger balloon displays of arches and garlands. These are creations you just cannot order ready-made from the internet and this is what sets us apart.



“Hi. I picked up my personalised balloon last week. Just wanted to say how very pleased I am with it, and what a great service and turnaround time you provided. Also, when I came into store to collect just how genuinely friendly and cheery all the staff were even though they were incredibly busy. Well done and thank you to all!" - JM

"Hi there, I am just wanting to say thank you very much for the lovely balloon! It looks fabulous and I actually thinks looks even better with the star design. Look forward to using The Party Box again for our next celebration! Thanks" - KN

"Thank you so much for my son's amazing balloons. He was over the moon with them. Perfect service and lovely staff, so helpful and friendly and made ordering so easy." - Joanna

"Super happy with the service, extremely happy with the balloons! I ordered for my husband's 50th over Instagram given the lockdown and they instantly understood what I needed, offered a great add on to match the theme and the final result was outstanding! Thanks ever so much for our balloons and your help!" - Anastasia

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